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Shine Bright Like Juliette Gernez

Photographer Julien Benhamou has the uncanny ability to grasp more than just bodies, more than the space that surrounds them, in his shots. His lens cuts deep through matter and captures pure energy. Is it his intention, infused within the image itself? Emotion in motion? Let’s call a spade a spade, and an aura, well… an aura. In the end, Julien Benhamou’s grace has everything to do with the way he looks at his models and the heart he puts in everything he does.

See him focus on Juliette Gernez’ essence and shed life upon the swirl of precious fabric she creates in her connection with fellow dancer Sylvere Lamotte’s, under the tender eye of the Opera’s official photographer. By halting movement in its course, he unveils beauty’s instantaneity in its purest form.

Hard work, discipline, rigor, creativity – all values shared by the three designers and the woman wearing them. Zuhair Murad dares to color, sparkle, embroider. Maria Lucia Honan reveals the delicacy held in her pleats. Alex Perry draws depth from monochromatic and minimalistic refinement. With the Hotel Raphael as a spectacular backdrop, Juliette Gernez turns her gowns, in the wonder of an instant, into celestial treasures.

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Photographer & Artistic Director: Julien Benhamou

Dancers: Juliette Gernez & Sylvere Lamotte

Hair: Jonathan Amador

Make-up: Lola

Styling: Leclaireur

Special thanks to the Hotel Raphael and Stephane Thouron