Arne Quinze Contributor

Arne Quinze

Belgian artist Arne Quinze puts together large, if not massive constructions made of wood, like many bridges linking mankind. 

Though his career begins in the 80s with Graffiti, his international claim to fame comes when he builds Uchronia, during Burning Man 2006. The 30-meter high & 60 meter-wide wooden arch is set on fire at the end of the festival, and sets his own trail ablaze as an artist. 

Wood feels like a warm material to Arne Quinze, who sees cities as open-air museums and ideal stages for his work, destined to spark reactions and social interractions between people. 

Between 2008 and 2013, he takes hold of the rue de Louvain, in Brussels, with two huge flaming red pieces: Cityspace and The Sequence.

In 2009, Martine & Armand Hadida commissions Arne Quinze with the complete conceptualization of Leclaireur Sévigné.

Violette Stehli

Violette Stehli

Violette Stehli is a French stop-motion filmmaker. She studied video art and experimental filmmaking at Sydney University before founding her own jewelry brand in 2010. Her style, both quirky and detailed, gives her work an instantly recognizable touch. 

In 2011, she was selected for « Hatched », a group exhibition held at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, highlighting Australian promising artists.  

Julien Boudet

Julien Boudet (Bleu Mode)

French photographer Julien Boudet started documenting the fashion world in 2013, and has collaborated with some of the most influential names in the industry: Hightsnobiety, Hypebeast, GQ Japan, Vogue Italia, Dior, Thom Browne...  

He grew up in Sète, South of France, near the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by blue skies and waters, a color that quickly became part of his visual DNA. 

Under the name of Bleu Mode, he captures the graphic lines of urban architecture, fashion instants grabbed on the street and on catwalks, as well as editorial series for various medias.  

Francois Alu

François Alu

François was 9 and sitting in his family’s living room when he saw Patrick Dupont perform on TV. As if struck by lightning, the boy found his calling. 

“It was all jumps and turns everywhere.To me, it wasn’t "ballet". What I saw was… something like gymnastics. » 

Now 22, and First Dancer of the Opéra, Alu cultivates precision, hard work and rigor as key notions in a life dedicated to his craft. Whether he’s on the Opéra stage (since 2004), improvising a hip-hop routine – or maybe just mixing up the two genres in a single impetus, Alu’s entire existence is linked to dance in every shape and form. 

On stage, the athletic dancer inspires choreographers and audiences alike. His interpretations never fail to set the imagination on fire. His astonishing physical strength and charismatic interpretation have made him a leading figure in the dance world. 

For Leclaireur, François rises in front of Julien Benhamou's camera.

Jean Daniel Lorieux Contributor

Jean-Daniel Lorieux

Jean-Daniel Lorieux started as a war photographer in Algeria, before joining the Studio Harcourt. He's worked with Vogue and L'Officiel, and has shot some of the most iconic campaigns for Dior, Céline, Elie Saab, Azzaro... From Stéphanie Seymour to Milla Jovovich, Karen Mulder, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova, every emblematic top model has struck a pose, at least, in front of Lorieux's camera.

The photographer has chased the sun thoughout the world, shaping a graphic style with highly contrasted pictures that tend to unleash his models’ beauty. Both a refined gentleman and a glamorous photographer, Lorieux was originally introduced to painting by Andy Warhol himself, in New York, before being hailed as the Pop Art celebrity photographer. 

In 2016, he collaborated with Leclaireur to create an exclusive photography series.  

Leclaireur Contributor Simon Ghraichy

Simon Ghraichy

Born in Lebanon from a Mexican mother and a Lebanese father, Simon Ghraichy was brought up into a multicultural, borderless and musical world. After hitting his first keys at age 4, he learnt piano to transform passion into work, performing his first concert at 12. Music soon became the only path to follow. 

Amongst his inspirations can be counted eccentric and dashing pianist Vladimir Horowitz. 

Simon Ghraichy released his first album Heritages early 2017, the perfect occasion for Leclaireur to meet him for a photoshoot and an interview.  

leclaireur contributor Frederic de Pontcharra

Frederic de Pontcharra

French photographer and film director Frederic de Pontcharra graduated from New York University’s TISH with a bachelor of fine arts. After working for 3 years as an assistant director of photography, he dropped the assistant title and continued working on films for broadcast design. 

Broadening his creative path to photography and directing, he took on various projects ranging from commercials to short and feature movies. 

His versatile talent was displayed at the Gabriel & Gabriel gallery in Paris. 

For Leclaireur, Frederic de Pontcharra directed a clip with dancer François Alu. 

leclaireur contributor Amit Israeli

Amit Israeli

Amit Israeli was born in Israel, where he bought his first camera at the age of 14. 

After moving to Paris he started collaborating with various magazines, offering them photoshoots both urban and refined, always linked to reality and architecture. The backdrop plays an important role into his creations, bringing together a sense of modernity, nostalgia and visual poetry.  

Amit Israeli is still living and working in Paris. 

Discover Amit Israeli’s photoshoot for Leclaireur.