ZIMMERMANN Australian Summer

There are two women behind Zimmermann, the family and brand name shared by sisters Nicole and Simone, hailing from Australia. Their designs are characterized by the strength and fluidity of sisterhood, for a Spring-Summer 18 spent both in the city and on the seaside.


If the bathing suit remains their signature staple, the ultra-feminine ready-to-wear line has been wooing and wowing star-studded front rows for several seasons now. The latest collection, Painted Heart Resort, could be perceived as an invitation to that Southern Spain, to dance sevillana of course, given the Flamenco flounces, ruffles, puffed sleeves and polka-dot motifs all over the aerial skirts and dresses.

zimmermann-ss18-article-09 zimmermann-ss18-article-04

The wide-shouldered–bare-shouldered bodices with navy collar-décolletés could just as well be a retro-voyage into a 1930s picture-postcard Summer. According to the sisters, the main muse to have breathed life into this inspired wardrobe was the ethereal spirit of a ‘lovelorn artist’. This is confirmed with printed heart motifs infusing a sentimental note, balanced by the strong lines, cuts, and structures of the silhouettes.  


Nicole Zimmermann first turned heads in stylish Sydney markets, selling the dresses she created. When a journalist spotted her talent, two pages in Australian Vogue triggered a flurry of orders from boutiques accross the country. Soon, she opened a small store of her own and teamed up with her sister Simone who came in with her entrepreneurial skills. Each collection, walked through New York Fashion week ever since, stands out with a love of color and print the two sisters share, recognized with countless awards.

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Zimmermann’ spirit is suited to all walks of life, from the seaside to Summer in the city. Explore yours at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.

Photographer: Bruno Rizzato