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Y/PROJECT Long Live the Queens

This Winter, Y/Project ties together the past and the present, encouraging history to collide with today’s scene. Tis a season for baroque, it seems. Their luxuriant, emphasized world is deconstructed, rebuilt to harmoniously welcome opposites.

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What connects Marie-Antoinette, Joséphine de Beauharnais and Anne Boleyn with one another? Once queens, empresses, icons of their times at the very least, they come back to life today, as if planning their escape this entire time, safely and soundly rising from the pages of our textbooks. Glenn Martens and his team have teamed up their celebrated features with an unexpected accessory of today: football scarves. They’ve also graced casual shirts and bombers with puffed sleeves, gifting your Palais des Glaces style with some serious street cred. Upgraded with tulle, hip-hop hoodies reveal their royal lineage. Enough said.

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Y/Project also boldly marries upscale fabrics that rarely converse. Silk with cotton, synthetic fabrics with velvet…: paradoxes abound. Overemphasized accessories, oversized jackets, even leather pants, turned into huge boots made to empower women in their conquest of the world – world of fashion, world of rock, world of all and everything. High-waisted denim pants toy with dramatic pleated effects, conveying to the silhouette an opulent and noble demeanor.

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ANDAM 2017 prize winner Glenn Martens has been inspired by the essence of Bruges, the city he grew up in, from its history to its culture. This season, the silhouettes seem like emergences from a Flemish master’s imagination – Van Eyck comes to mind – and demonstrate, if need be, Glenn Martens’ uncanny and keen eye for details.

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Take a stroll along the royal path that leads to Leclaireur Sevigné.