YEEZY Animal Instinct

Hold on to your sneakers, creatures of Earth. Adidas has chosen Kanye West, self-proclaimed god of rap (and, maybe, future presidential candidate) to design a collection that’s pared down sportswear to its essence: the street. Yeezy, breezy, beautiful, SEASON 1.

Unchained. Familiar. As humankind measures its creative evolution against a backdrop of industrial architecture, we are in a constant primal search for an avant-garde quality of life.

Unleashing his raw talent onto previously uncharted terrain, West has indeed given us a unisex collection of our most primal basics, artfully distressed, originally presented in a military-style formation.

The message: the world out there may be imploding but your fave sweats and camouflages signed Yeezy will keep you cozy, safe and still sexy. These universal pieces, who’s roots seem to grow deeper and deeper into the global consciousness with time, affirm the message.

Find the Yeezy collection at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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