XIAO LI I am not a robot

Praised by Azzedine Alaïa, Chinese fashion designer Xiao Li is known for her voluminous knits, bubblegum style, and her likes for pastel colors, a little softness never hurts. For Spring/Summer 2018, she takes an opposite stance and creates a collection filled with passion, an aerial and poetic wardrobe, featuring graphic outlines enhancing femininity.

xiaoli-ss18-article-02 xiaoli-ss18-article-03

With a minimalistic collection, Xiao Li steps away from the logos-everywhere trend, and steps into a world of rend color blocking, a vibrant red, the red of ardor and emotions. 


Light and delicate trapeze dresses display simplistic lines. An accentuated cinched waist is enhanced by dramatic shoulders, puffed up or ornated with bows. With organza and mesh, Xiao Li creates a modest and subtle play on transparency and layering. Inspired by tailoring, she creates a trompe l’oeil bustier dress, like a double-breasted jacket, adding buttons or a belt (sometimes both) reminiscent of the trench coat. 

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Since 2012, Xiao Li has presented structured eye-catching knitwear collections, transforming textiles by injecting them with silicone, a technique close to the one used to create neoprene. 


Play with ethereal volumes in Xiao Li at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.