VERA WANG « Paris, I Love You »

Paris, her breath of fresh air… Paris, her eternal love… Vera Wang loves France, loves Paris and shares her love with us, whispering sweet nothings into our ears, like secrets untold. After receiving the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civil decoration, last February 28, the American designer chose to dedicate her Fall/Winter 2017 collection to the City of Lights, her sanctuary.

Vera Wang 01 Vera Wang 02

It’s true, she became famous for her immaculate and profuse wedding dresses. And yet, Vera Wang’s ready-to-wear collections come off as strikingly restrained, contained even, ranging in black and white.

Vera Wang 03

This season, the American designer indeed does what she does best, creating a collection of slender silhouettes, for women both aerial and mesmerizing. Airy black gowns and silk georgette skirts lightly spill over and onto the ground. Complete with bare naked shoulders, high waists and refined lines, Wang’s esthetics are minimalist to the bone.

Vera Wang 04

The designer enhances her demeanors with details that shine and allude to a glamorous and sumptuous Paris, like the refined craft used to add lace to a skirt, or the chevron sleeves that take hoodies up a notch, twisting a Napoleon-inspired symbol of courage, strength and balance, like a token of a French history era, back when the Empire style was all the rage.

Vera Wang 05

Vera Wang’s love for Paris is equal to her passion for fashion, reminding us that’s where it all started there, towards the end of the 60s, when the American designer attended Art history classes at La Sorbonne. The then young student interestingly enough lived one door from the 30 bis rue Spontini. Where Yves Saint Laurent created his very own fashion house. Coincidence? We think not.

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