TUINCH From Cashmere, with Love

Embark on a journey across the Himalayan mountains, and the true discovery of cashmere. Tuinch is an experience in itself, a sweet and unforgettable moment with well-thoughts cuts and volumes. Opulent sweaters, like sculptures, threads as thin as air. A purity of material and shape that define each creation.

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The brand harmoniously merges the heritage of the millenarian Nepalese know-how and a Belgian approach to design. During her trek through India and the Himalayas, Veronique Vermussche found herself blocked at the airport of Lhasa, Tibet, waiting for her plane to eventually arrive. Looking for some comfort, she wrapped herself up in a shawl she had purchased from a local craftsman. Oh, the warmth, oh, the lightness… The idea of Tuinch emerged: garments that would use the greatest of cashmeres and highlight the core qualities of the noble material.

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Since the very first collection, Tuinch concentrates its efforts on original, yet almost architectural shapes, with a quest for minimalist esthetics. The oversized knitted sweaters offer wide, sliding sleeves, and blend small and large stitches for maximum impact. The Tuinch collections are manufactured by local craftsmen in Cashmere. The other garments in woven materials are handmade in Belgium.

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The Fall/Winter 17 collection unfolds a thread where stitches and lines respond to one another, while cultivating a certain idea of elegance. These garments come in various tones – among which a striking sky blue, and an ocher inspired by the Asian soil – with bold touches of green and purple, even.


Born from the importance of the journey itself, Tuinch is a natural follow-up to Veronique Vermussche’s passion for noble materials.

Tuinch, a sweet, bold and unreasonable discovery, is available at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.