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THE SHEPHERD UNDERCOVER At Peace, Strength Strikes Back

In time, man comes to find a certain sense of calmness, gets in touch with his feelings, learns trust, and grows into his own serene strength. The leader of his flock, he crosses green pastures, and becomes the starting point of a new winter line by The Shepherd UNDERCOVER.

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The Shepherd is all about refined and stylish basics, ranging from a coat to a pair of loose pants, complete with chic or casual shirts. Such a line needed its own Mr Right. Who better, to embody the collection, than Thom Yorke himself? As Radiohead’s leader, and also friend to UNDERCOVER’s founder, Jun Takahashi, the rare and picky artist turned model for one day, and let his usual magic happen.

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With The Shepherd, Jun Takahashi steers away from the edginess we’ve grown fond of, and waters down some of the punk esthetic dear to his heart, only to infuse it sporadically in his new project.

The designer puts his usual knack for disturbance in small details, like the back slit of a coat that operates next to the dorsal seam. Shaking up menswear’s rules. Takahashi disturbs the eye and its routine, forces new interrogations upon us, reinforcing the piece’s story. Topstitching brings back the beholder to a sense of craftsmanship, and creased textiles give depth and personality to a rather neutral silhouette.

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Neutral, maybe, timeless, definitely. The clean volumes, in each piece, snatch them out of the usual seasonal cycle, only to better anchor them in an expendable here and now. That first Shepherd collection manifests depth of character that comes complete with substance and discipline. The Shepherd boasts the perfect mood to end winter, and affirms its readiness to take an assured first step up and into 2017.

The Shepherd UNDERCOVER collection is available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas and Leclaireur Sévigné.