« Alternative Tentacles »? Hiding behind this uncanny name, this Fall/Winter 17 TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst comes as an invitation to merge genders, in a unique collection of garments, infused in the deepest, darkest black. This season is all about tentacles, yes. Like so many arms trying to grab multiple things in every which way they can, Miyashita embraces multiple and diverse influences…

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Takahiro Miyashita bounces from one era to another, from one state of mind to another, confidently covering the distance between the Western world and Japan, his native land.

Let’s show off what kind of cowboy we’re actually made of, with a hat and a fringe jacket. Let’s also slip into something comfortable, like this urban, functional hoodie, complete with chest pockets. The oversize cut comes as a reminder that there’s no modern warrior like The SoloIst. Be ready to face your daily challenges, you’re free, and so are your movements. Overlaid pants rule, some larger than life, to perfectly match those straight cuts that’ll bring the exact contrast you never knew you needed with the lower part of the silhouette.

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Feeling too wise, looking too serious? Miyashita’s got you covered with a t-shirt that screams « I don’t want to be an ADULT today. I don’t even want to be HUMAN. Today, I’m a CAT ».


Less you forget to rock, try his blazer with front slits, and a collar in the form of an eighth-note. Another musical reference to add to the most American of Japanese designers. Music has been in the making of the SoloIst since the beginning of the brand. Since his earliest days, the designer has made a point of infusing his collections with numerous references to both American and British rock music. Even his friend Jun Takahashi, aka Undercover, says so.

From Johnny Cash to Nirvana, and David Bowie, this is one playlist filled with mythical names, with John Lennon’s at the top, who Miyashita worships. No wonder he’s chosen to go solo. That’s what it takes to remain, like him, 100% independent.

Discover the TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst collection at Leclaireur Hérold.