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SAUF Between Earth & Sky

Filippo Sorcinelli likes to imagine perfumes the way one might compose music, lacing them with intoxicating scents acting like melodies, packed with the appropriate hints of crescendo-decrescendos, as well as the right head notes, harmonies and progressions. And with that, Sorcinelli, yet again, delivers unforgettable symphonic fragrances.

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Filippo Sorcinelli previously made quite an impression with UNUM – « unity » in Italian – which can be seen as a token of his obsession for the sacred, his obsession being what ignited his career in the first place, as a liturgic garment-maker for Popes Francis and Benedict XVI. That same obsession had pushed the designer to infuse our lives, and life itself, with his own sense of spirituality, and this time around, the Italian perfumer has found his inspiration in… organs. Organs, indeed, as in the divine instrument which enshrouds churches and cathedrals, and most particularly that of Notre-Dame de Paris, a 13th-century grand organ, known to transcend any believer walking down its nave. Sorcinelli also drew inspiration thanks to genius novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans, responsible for the decadent « A Rebours » novel in which an attentive reader might encounter the perfume organ.

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With SAUF, Sorcinelli reinterprets an ingredient laboratories of sorts, the kind that were used until not so long ago in the art of assembling the ingredients in order to obtain perfumes, among which the incense, an iconic, sacred material, a common spiritual channel to every religion, filled with mystical powers. Helped by a professional nose, the Italian fragrance-composer has created potent fragrances, capable of igniting light in the darkest of hearts and conjure up emotions within. Plein Jeu V-III enchants with vetiver, cedar wood, amber and jasmine scents, which Voix Humaine 8 combines with moss and vanilla essences to close a three-count harmonic evolution, punctuated by Contre Bombarde 32.

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SAUF comes as a physical experience, leaving – just like music – more than an impression: a memory, suspended between the down below and the upward limbs of our souls.

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