REVELATIONS Paris Shines its Light on Craftsmanship

Leclaireur is happy to participate in the third biennale edition of Revelations, held May 4 to 8, in the Grand Palais. Around 400 designers from various fields have been invited to partake this year, to showcase their craft before 45000 professional visitors as well as lovers of all things art and design.

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Martine & Armand Hadida have chosen to present the Kihou Table, designed by the duo at work behind Tangent Design. Born from the unexpected link between nature and technology, this LED-encrusted table lights up a silicone coating, against which bubbles smoothly pop, protected by a glass tabletop.

Hideki Yoshimoto and Masao Asai shed a different light on the way lighting can be perceived, creating a dream of abyssal depths, with an organic dance of bubbles drawn straight from fauna and flora inspirations. Think jellyfish and fireflies waltzing smoothly together.

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For those of you on thee other side of the pond, Leclaireur has landed in New York for Collective Design Fair (May 3 to 7), with pieces by Pierre Bonnefille and Ado Chale.