PREMIATA Walking in Your Footsteps

Graziani Mazza longed to be true to himself and to leave his own (foot)print in the world. With these goals in mind, in the 1990s, he founded Premiata, the avant-garde shoe brand.

With constant and absolute freedom when it comes to his creative process, the designer has still managed to preserve and cherish his inheritance of the Italian tradition of shoemaking and classic leather work. Speaking of which, Mazza loves his classics so much he’s rewritten them, somehow, twisting their main lines with such ingenious ideas, they rapidly became new classics.

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In 1999, Graziani Mazza tackled the shoe Pantheon. His first target? The guardians of the Temple themselves: the Oxfords. Oh, they looked the same. And not. His imaginative hands freed the Oxfords of their laces, and sent them off to take the world by storm, moving on to become in less time it took to make them, actual iconic pieces. Such is a perfect example of Mazza’s work, mixing tradition and modernity. Next came his boots, waxed and waxed again, until their surface became a mirror reflecting your path.

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The Italian designer cannot help but look for new playgrounds to experiment. His next collection featured sneakers, the holy grail of modern shoemaking, and came as a black and minimalist surprise, with such delicacies as a pair of studded sneakers, with platform soles made specifically for skate-boarders.

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These days, Premiata creations focus on the soles’ volumes, associated to incredibly bright colors, for both men and women’s collections. His sophisticated and experimental creativity (as well as, might we add, his pink scale derbies) cannot be ignored.

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Following your intuitions, letting your mind run free, these are the rules followed by Graziani Mazza. And as Premiata works on creating new leathers, its founder keeps busy, training new apprentices to keep us on our toes and maintain the 100% Made in Italy label.

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