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MONSE Beauty on the Brain

For Spring/Summer 2017, the Monse woman is natural, sensual and free, every day and every night.

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Since they created Monse, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim – who met at Oscar de la Renta in 2000, and were appointed artistic directors for the House last September – have chosen shirts as the pivot of their collections. Together, they’ve imposed their vision on that elemental piece, breathing a new energy into it… and taking our breath away at the same time. In the Monse collections, the reworked, reimagined, deconstructed shirt, both shape-shifting and chameleonesque, comes in the form of a blouse, of a dress, of a gown.

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One subtle movement, and a shoulder appears, lengthening the neck and with it, every line of the body. Sleeves slide over the wrist, pants widen, the sequins’ shimmer brings a party feel to a silhouette filled with contrasts. Monse has taken the extra step to empower women, tackling the working girl archetype and awarding her the freedom to completely rethink her silhouette in terms of volumes.

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The dynamic duo behind Monse praises an effortless, open-minded beauty. A femininity that, yes, woke up like this, or close enough, and enjoys gliding in silk pyjama-inspired glittery stripes. A daytime belle, a nighttime beauty, striking on the hour, every hour.

Available at Leclaireur Sévigné.