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MIAORAN Deep Below and High Above

With its Spring/Summer collection 2017, Miaoran extends a informal invitation to tower over the waves, and embrace your fearless underwater self.

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Under the irony of its name – « Ichthyophobia » is the morbid fear of fish, this collection is most and foremost an ode to the flame that shine within, to the faith and internal strength that move each and anyone of us. It is also, truth be told, an injonction to face our intimate dread, to observe it, and to tame eventually it. On the jackets, coats, raincoats and hats, embroidered fish, jellyfish and other sea creatures spread over imperial, belligerent volumes, shifting from mate to lustrous.

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The texture contrasts enjoy toying with their symbolic: vinyl’s sheen for corals and cotton infused with metallic threads for scales exemplify how meticulous Miao Ran’s work is when it comes to fabric. Volumes, once ominous, softly become lighter with silk and feather-weight linen, enhanced by efficient details, including scarves innocently tied around the models’ necks, or sleeves that drop like moody teenage daydreams.

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Since creating his brand in 2014, and after his first show in Milan’s Fashion Week a mere two year later, Miao Ran got his public hooked on the precision he puts into his silhouettes’ design: both poetic and oversized. Profoundly anchored in his century, his collections blend genders. The designer sees clothing as « the body’s home », a place where the heart beats, protected, open, ready to give.

Dive head first and discover Miaoran at Leclaireur Sevigne.