Mad et Len Time regained

Time stands still. All of a sudden we’re there, in the middle of the Midi, in the deep South of France, in the heart of Summer. The intoxicating fragrance of a Mad et Len candle is all you need to get rid off Winter’s grey sky.

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pictures by Matteo Carcelli

Mad & Len’s scents owe their hypnotic power to their refined craftsmanship. The universe of the house is known for its intense scents from classical amber and musk, to sun-infused neroli and cypresses. The brand produces organic fragrances, hand-dosed into vegetal wax highlighted by metallic jars whose shape is both enigmatic and timeless.


The brand was born from the encounter of two fragrance lovers, Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, who share the same love for 1920s style apothecary shops. The couple started their label in 2007, whose name refers to the famous Marcel Proust’s « madeleine ».


Mad et Len is established in South of France, where the couple draws its inspiration. The olfactory mixes allude to buried memories, daily life’s extraordinary mysteries and the wonders brought back from distant lands literature has often described. The brand has been creating candles, interior scents, potpourris often used as both decorative objects and fragrances with a soul. 

Get inspiration at the root with the Mad et Len candles, available at Leclaireur Sévigné.