LGN x AGNELLE The future is not a straight line

And so you’ve heard it, too, haven’t you? There’s something new in town. Something dark and stormy. A collector’s item meant for all Manga-lovers out there. 

When French glove-maker Agnelle — celebrating 80 years of refined creations — chose to team up with La Cambre graduate and Hyères nominee fashion designer Louis Gabriel Nouchi to create a collector pair of veal and lamb gloves, who would have thought that walls would start shaking? This is one collaboration you won’t want to miss. Cyberpunk style. 


Nouchi and Agnelle have created sculptural and graphic pieces in red, white and black, highlighted with catch-phrases that connect us to the post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo world of Akira, the ground-breaking and world-famous cyberpunk cult Japanese manga series. 


The veal and lamb gloves were directly inspired by the saga written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Otomo, which has since its release inspired a fandom of majestic size, a film, as well as a multitude of creators, writers and designers of all styles, what with its lost youth and distraught urban world. 


Race off to Leclaireur Hérold, where Nathalie and her team will be happy to unveil, for your eyes only, this unexpected and bold collaboration.