LECLAIREUR Hérold No Name Kitchen Manufacture

Since its first space Leclaireur has always valued its visitor’s experience. That is why in 2015, Armand and Martine Hadida, its founders, joined forces with No Name Kitchen Manufacture to transform a space previously dedicated to design into a one of a kind kitchen, described by Alain Ducasse as the « Bentley of kitchens ». Made of patinated brass, a solid walnut frontage, and a matte black Fenix NTM work surface, time has no grasp on such a piece that will meet the expectations of professionals and home-cooks. 

leclaireur-herold-article-cuisine-nnkm-1 leclaireur-herold-article-cuisine-nnkm-2

Under the warm lights of Pierre Bonnefille’s Bronze Paintings and Furoshikis, this space becomes the theater of joyous gatherings with starred chefs, friendly and professional encounters, and intimate events. This year the kitchen has evolved with new appliances, while extending to the other side of the store, with a marble bar completed by a sideboard and large consoles. The ideal setting for tastings and cocktails, or a simple coffee during your next discovery of Carol Christian Poell’s latest creations. 

leclaireur-herold-article-cuisine-nnkm-3 leclaireur-herold-article-cuisine-nnkm-5

The installation of this new extension was made under the direction of Leclaireur and Roland Szélé – founder of No Name Kitchen Manufacture. Together, they imagined appliances perfectly integrated to their environnement, highlighting the immersive qualities of your time spent at Leclaireur Hérold. 

Leclaireur Hérold welcomes you from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm, just ring the bell.