KATSUYUK IKODAMA Like Atlas, Only Lighter

Here is a designer who has spent years pursuing his dream, fueled by a fierce love for fashion and for Paris. Little has been told about Katsuyuki Kodama, who cultivates discretion and would rather focus on his work. Willpower, creativity and vision, such are the qualities which the creator thrives to nurture and inject in his creations: backpacks like cocoons, swathing, fitting, as beautiful as they are practical.

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Self-taught fashion enthusiast Katsuyuki Kodama thrived to create fashion in Paris, and that ambition was enough to inspire his eponymous brand, with the will to create a worthy inspiring source of creation that would suit the fickle minds of the French capital, and the intention of pushing the limits, slowly, respectfully. Sure, the designer’s production is Japan-based, but Kodama’s passion for France has only grown over the years, like all authentic love stories should.

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With his product in mind, the Japanese designer sought unprecedented techniques and applied them to the extraction of beauty from his raw materials. Connecting the dots, and taking the plunge, he opened his own Japanese workshop, staffed with specifically trained artisans, where the Katsuyukikodama bags are handmade in a fusion between intricate craftsmanship and the latest seaming innovations. Our favorites pieces – Kodama’s oval, black leather backpacks – are as urban and modern as can be, and made to travel. Carrying the world on one’s shoulders has truly never felt this light.

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Kastuyukikodama’s pristine creations at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas, Leclaireur Sévigné and Leclaireur Champs-Elysées.