JUUN.J Expanding horizons

June 2017, the Korean-born designer Juun.J showcased his Spring/Summer 2018 collection during the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, which also framed the brand’s 10th anniversary collection. Juun.J is known for breaking the codes and transcending traditional shapes, he centered his « Expand & Contract » collection around shirting, creating different silhouettes through various sculptural expressions.

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The collection showcased many classical menswear and womenswear styles, twisted into new contemporary designs. Serving as key pieces of the collection, the shirts are draped into dresses, pulled into a pinstriped pencil skirt, slipped into the trousers, shaped with off-the-shoulder pullovers or sculpted to the body by tight knitwear or belt-bags.


The oversized shirts conveyed the idea of expansion, while other clothing items were here to showcase contraction, reshaping them. A blouse proclaimed “Life opportunities expand and contract”, and expansion is certainly what Juun.J aimed for with another gender boundary breaking collection all in minimalistic colour-tones – except from the final look: a pleated dress in a dark orange tone. With this androgynous collection Juun.J keeps on broadening his genderless horizons. 

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Discover Juun.J’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.

Exterior pictures by Alexandre Gaudin for Leclaireur