JUNYA WATANABE Working class hero

« Workwear » what a perfect word to describe Junya Watanabe's Spring/Summer 18 collection, right before « collaborations ». Take a closer look, can you spot the many brands featured on the garments? Carhartt, Levis’ and The North Face, appear upon sober, subtle, and functional pieces.

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It seems like we’ll have plenty to do this Summer before enjoying that cocktail on the beach, all dressed up in Stella McCartney

Hopefully, Junya Watanabe imagined the perfect uniform to achieve all our goals before experiencing a pure moment of joyful rest. Roll up the sleeves of a Carhartt functional blue jacket – with a Junya Watanabe twist, inspired by those worn some time ago by blue-collar workers. The jackets offer plenty of pockets, whether they’re big or small, on the chest, and even on the back, alluding to terra 65 deconstructed-reconstructed backpacks made by The North Face with technical materials.

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The collection’s workwear quality is enhanced by patchworks and paint stains covering up the jeans and the jackets. A reminder of the Japanese wabi-sabi concept, an invitation to embrace and find beauty in imperfections and to enjoy what you have instead of what you could have.


Discover the Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 18 collection at Leclaireur Champs-Elysées.

Outdoor pictures by Alexandre Gaudin