HUGH FINDLETAR Flowers on my mind

Hugh Findletar’s Flower Heads are glass vases, verdant, quirky offspring of a fertile imagination. Glass vases shaped like heads, whose influences can be mapped across the world and traced back to antiquity.


Each of the Flower Heads has a name (Tess, Chris, Tyron, Agnes, Hugh…). When a home acquires one, it adopts one as if a house guest. Findletar also creates bespoke pieces, made to order, like a portrait meant to reveal one’s baroque and festive nature. Findletar brings portraiture up to date by creating in glass what we used to paint before.

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All images and video courtesy of Hugh Findletar

When empty, Findletar’s expressive faces come off as powerful as primitive fetiches, reminiscent of Etruscan, Roman or Greek artefacts. Fill them with flowers, and they suddenly take on a life of their own. With their full-blown head-dresses, who knows what these unexpected characters are up to behind closed doors?


Photographer Hugh Findletar grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, forged his artistic skills and sensitivities in New York before moving to Milan, some 20 years ago. While the multi-faceted artist is known for his work as a portraitist, he’s also always nurtured a passion for all things botanical, and jokingly refers to himself as a florist of sorts. 

He became fascinated and involved with glass work upon his discovery of Murano, the legendary island off the Venice shore hailed for its legendary glassblowing artistry. Findletar’s Flower Heads became reality when he crossed paths, in Murano, with glass artist Oscar Zanetti, descendant of the founder of Murano’s glass museum and glass-blowing school.

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