HED MAYNER Distort reality

« The action is centered on habitual daily gestures that become bizarre and adventurous in an unusual setting ». A quote from Gordon Matta-Clark, an anarchitect known for his work in abandon buildings where he cut shapes directly in the walls and floors. A quote that incepted Hed Mayner’s collection and pushed him to toy with volumes, apparences and ambivalence.

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Adding slits into his shirts and Prince of Wales jackets the fashion designer allows them to be worn in various ways. Creative styling is key. Start classical, wear yours with everything where its supposed to be, or shake things up: push the collar backwards, slide your head into the opening on the back and the shirt has become an ample comfy and edgy blouse. Hed Mayner pushes clothing further than their principal function, giving it a sculptural energy. Jeans ressemble pleated pants, while suit jackets and some shirts enhance the shoulders and the bust.

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Hed Mayner shapes silhouettes with rectangular outlines in neutral shades, ranging from black to black to white, from beige to grey. Influenced by the traditional Orthodox Jews costume and military pieces, he uses tent tarps to create trench coats and sport shoe soles to craft sandals. In a contant equilibrium, the Israeli fashion designer toys with the balance between strength and fragility, fluidity and stiffness, his roots and the far away lands his creativity takes him.

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Discover Hed Mayner’s fall-winter 2018 collection at Leclaireur Herold and on Leclaireur.com.