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GHIDINI1961 It’s Design Time at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas

During the Maison & Objet Fair and to honor Paris Design Week, Leclaireur celebrates Design in its rue Boissy d’Anglas space.

During this edition, Leclaireur will be hosting an exclusive guest of honor: Italian Design editor GHIDINI1961 specializes in brass, aluminum and zamak pieces imagined by some of the greatest names in Design and Architecture.

Presented at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas comes a window display of prototypes imagined by Nika Zupanc, Andrea Branzi, the Campana Brothers, Richard Hutten and Alessandro Mendini.

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Nika Zupanc 01 GHIDINI1961 Boissy Nika Zupanc 02

Chair & table by Nika Zupanc

Founded in 2016 by its artistic director Stefano Giovannoni, GHIDINI1961 offers over a hundred pieces in its catalogue – lighting, furnitures, home decor. The House finds its origins in the Ghidini Bosco de la Villa Carcina factory, drawing from century-old craftsmanship, and allows for fast-paced prototyping of pieces imagined by its designers.

GHIDINI1961 Boissy 01
GHIDINI1961 Boissy 02 GHIDINI1961 Boissy 03

Leclaireur brings an eclectic selection of whimsical and radiant designs, such as Andrea Branzi’s Incrocio bookshelf, Nika Zupanc’s Sunset Mirror, or the butterfly coat rack by Richard Hutten.

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Campana Brothers 01 GHIDINI1961 Boissy Richard Hutten

Mirror by the Campana Brothers, Butterfly coatrack by Richard Hutten

After its participation to Collective Design Fair in May, this peak at contemporary creativity strengthens Leclaireur’s stand as an actor of the design world.

Travel to new, creative lands at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas

Other pieces by:

Studio Job

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Studio Job 01
GHIDINI1961 Boissy Studio Job 02 GHIDINI1961 Boissy Studio Job 03

Robert Hutten

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Robert Hutten 02

Stefano Giovannoni

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Stefano Giovannoni

Paolo Rizzatto

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Paolo Rizzatto 01 GHIDINI1961 Boissy Paolo Rizzatto 02

Nika Zupanc

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Nika Zupanc 03 GHIDINI1961 Boissy Nika Zupanc 04

Noé Duchaufour

GHIDINI1961 Boissy Noé Duchaufour GHIDINI1961 Boissy Noé Duchaufour 02