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Neutral colors and urban silhouettes, inspired by traditional Italian tailoring: through the decades, Geoffrey B Small has captivated amateurs of well-thought, well-cut and well-made clothing.

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For Fall/Winter 2017, Small has imagined for Leclaireur a collection of limited edition pieces, in a long-awaited collaboration. Every item is hand-made, obviously. The suits and jackets, in Super 120 wool, as well as the shirts and sweaters which come in exciting news shapes, are designed with notable care and upscale fabrics. Geoffrey B Small uses a luxurious pure silk thread for buttons and stitching details, and hand-dyes the suits’ satin lining, enhanced by floral or paisley prints. The ETK01 sweater, knit in Tuscany with a merino wool, gets its special patina thanks to a handmade dying process. The eight hour process requires constant monitoring to achieve a unique contrast between the colors and their depth.

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Details from the ETK01 sweater

Geoffrey B Small, more than a name on the label of a shirt or a jacket, is a true and one-of-a-kind designer. His ethical and sustainable approach to tailoring, coupled with his own expertise matured over the course of forty years, are testaments to the quality and authenticity of his work. Small was also one of the first designers to dare use recycled and organic materials. emphasizing with his work the absurdity of mass production, as dangerous for nature as it is for human beings.

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His virtuous and uncompromising approach to garments could easily be considered an act of faith. His commitment to a smart, slow and human-oriented fashion is absolute, similar in that to Bonotto’s through his work with Fabbrica Lenta. Small lives in the Italian region of Venice, close to the craftsmen he works with, all located within a radius of 250km, in order to centralize and control his production: he makes a point of limiting his pieces to a reasonable amount, fashioning every single one of them around one unique idea: to make « the best clothes in the world today, in the best humanly possible way ». And nothing less.

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Beauty on the inside, beauty on the outside, beauty in every way, at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.

Pictures of Alex Biella by Guido Barbagelata