FORNASETTI Surreal fall

Boldness and originality have been two of Fornasetti’s main values since over 50 years, seducing a new crowd over and over again. The Italian house fills interiors with a sense of joyous whims, reminiscing the oh-so-Italian Dolce Vita.

Wall plates, tea set, vases, candles… Fornasetti has always reinvented itself, adding colors into the lives of those who fell in love with their peculiar illustrations born from Piero’s fertile imagination, now perduring in his son Barnaba’s hands. 

Leclaireur chose three themes to create series perfect for the fall, Howls, Bacio and a surrealist take on Tema E Variazoni, perfect tokens of the House’s untamed creativity. 



Creatures of the night, keepers of its secrets, Fornasetti puts the howls at the center of his collection, from plates to candles and platters, with their rounded, hypnotic eyes, yellow on a black backdrop. Nature invites itself at your place. 



Symbol of sensuality, the mouth takes over ashtrays, scented candles, vases also, reminding us that Fornasetti is all about passion. 



Lina Cavalieri has become Fornasetti’s trademark. Since Piero discovered the opera singer in the 50s, he reinvented her face infinitely on countless plates with surrealistic memorizing drawings.