FORNASETTI Theater on a Plate

October 29, 1787 – Prague saw the first ever production of Don Giovanni, one of the last operas Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote before passing. 229 years later, Barnaba Fornasetti reinvented the whole scenography of this iconic piece, that he then infused in a new line of Fornasetti items inspired by this dramma giocoso – joyous drama in two acts. 

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Presented for the first time at Milan’s Triennale on December 1, 2016, Davide Montagna’s Don Giovanni toys with the libertine seducer theme. With the help of Leporello, his loyal lackey, Don Giovanni seduces and wins over two young women before abandoning them. Barnaba Fornasetti, son of Piero Fornasetti, drew from the House’s archives to create a surreal scenery, exalting Mozart’s musical tale with multi-faced women, playing cards, symbolizing both the light and the unexpected. 


Fornasetti took Don Giovanni’s melodies from the stage to the lounge, with this collection comprised of platters, a playbill ashtray, a tea set – sugar bowl included – depicting an audience overlooking the scene from their box, plates haunted by Don Giovanni’s shadow, and « Rose Patchouli » scented candles, all made from the same vibrant and poignant red. The red of passion made in Fornasetti


The only way to get rid of the Don Giovanni collection temptation is to yield to it, at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas

Pictures by Alexandre Gaudin