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FAITH CONNEXION Too Much is Never Enough

Faith Connexion takes on the infamous saying, and raises it as a flag helming its Fall/Winter 2017 collection, over silhouettes showcasing a zillion references, colors and genres. In a fashionesque and irreverent firework, Faith Connexion’s firm hand borrows influences from the 30 last years – from disco to grunge, from punk to pop-idol. The silhouettes call for the spotlights, harness a taste for scandal, playfully uninhibited in a high-strung life.

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« Too much is never enough »? Faith Connexion lives to its word: pink graffiti, torn and frayed cheetah fabric, oversized flags that blend with one another… There’s an emulation of forces, an expression that exudes confidence. Everything is under control. Since 2004, Faith Connexion has been drawing from multiple influences and esthetics, a tribute to the creative tribe that composes the brand’s collective, under the direction of former Balmain A.D., Christophe Decarnin. Each season, the collective keeps distilling streetwear, punk, military, golden glam and classical(ish) together, amping up the dosage each time.

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Here, acid yellow hugs sportswear scarves, leather leggings are perched on platform shoes and a Borsalino completes the look, bringing it all together in an unusual way. The perfecto, all claws – er, studs – out, is immoderately studded, coats are two sizes too big, proving that big is the new bold. Zebra prints meet checkered motifs, in turquoise, red and white, while a see-through top discreetly eases its way under a military jacket.

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A central piece to the collection, suit pants – kaki, sequined or prince of Wales – play it cool and loose, again, with Kappa lateral stripes, born from the collaboration between the French House and the Italian sportswear brand, token of an era where gender-blending is becoming the new normal.

Faith Connexion has transcended time to become a frontrunner, here, in the heart of he 21st century, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.