EDHEN Walking on cloud 9

From loafers, to boots, to sneakers, there’s a new kind of classical footwear in town, and its heavenly.


Viewed by its founders as the perfect Aristotelian syllogism, Edhen is keen on developing their dandy-infused and contemporary esthetics with versatile products transitioning easily from day to night. The Loafers feature a low cut upper, unveiling the foot for a summery walk through Roman Piazzas, or to finish off a dashing tuxedo inspired ensemble. 


Shoe brand Edhen was born from the fruitful and refined minds of Italian Instagrammers Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora. Together they translated their mutual hunger for timeless fashion with an edge and an international lifestyle into a slick shoe collection.

With Cirulli, a business trained design and fashion enthusiast, and Fiora, an architect, blogger and designer, Edhen was meant to be a success-story. 


Edhen shoes are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans using a traditional know-how handed down by generations of manufacturers. More than 200 steps, 10 days of work, are needed to produce the final design of a top quality shoe made in Edhen.


Discover Edhen’s footwear at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.