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DI LIBORIO Punk-Rock Heritage in Adverse Winds

Liborio Capizzi’s work is all about mixing opposing influences in androgynous statement pieces. In a world with no borders, no constraints, but loads of intention and serious guts, we bring you: Di Liborio.

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Leclaireur loves audacious designs, especially when they are well thought-through and perfectly crafted. What Di Liborio brings to Fashion is his voice, packed with a sense of values and a knack for transgression. Each piece Liborio Capizzi imagines in his Milanese cabinet de curiosités lives to tell a story, to shock and teach, to thrill and disrupt. Such are his intentions, and so the versatile designer ensures that all the aspects of his work, from the garments to the models to the scenography of his shows, are imbibed with them. Ethnic heritage meets new-found modernism, historical references turn into punk-rock attires, Di Liborio is all about fitting the complex collages that humans end up being.

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But to create and disrupt, you need to be able to construct properly, and that’s something Liborio Capizzi integrated early on. After paying his dues at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tuscany, he spent sixteen years with Gianfranco Ferré before dropping everything and satisfying his obsession with travel. Scouting the world to take it all within – new cultures, new shapes, new fabrics – he came up with a plan. And with the help of Giorgia Mattioli, a former coworker, Di Liborio was born.

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