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DESIREE MEJER / VON PELT Beaming into HyperNature

Leclaireur:  You chose design over fashion.

Von Pelt: I remember a time when selling to private stores made sense. It felt… exciting! Buyers were curators of sorts, and relationships were, well, more personal, more human. There was freedom in the process. Today, everything seems dictated by stylists, with a narrow point of view, and a definite tendency to jumble everything together.

Fashion is too much work for something too ephemeral. Furniture is different. You live with design. It’s more permanent. So much love goes into one piece, you just don’t want it to be wasted in one season! You see it everyday, you hand it over to the next generation…

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L: Let’s talk about Von Pelt – how you initiated it as a new project, how you move from place to place…

VP: Von Pelt is a project, a collective. The « Meteorite Collection » was born in Berlin, where I live most of the time and where I have my workshop.

I hire many artists. Together, we create a nice work atmosphere, a real synergy. When I’m not in Berlin, I’m in Spain, and the collections which come to life there are centered around metal and ceramics. Each project is a new adventure.

L: How do you meet the people you work with?

VP: It just happens. They’re interested in what I do. They want to participate. People come to me. With them, it’s like an affair, a passionate one, to say the least.

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L: What inspired your Meteorite Collection?

VP: Look at Nature: it’s so intense, so madly intense… Take a little crystal, for instance, and look at it. There’s this « wow! » moment, where you find yourself wishing you you could get your hands on a giant one. But you can’t. That’s what my work is about: taking Nature and making something even better. Like a HyperNature, a man-made nature. Better, bigger than the original, an hommage to Nature, or something like that…

L: Your tables are made with recycled glass – is using recycled materials something important in your creative process?

VP: I don’t think that the recycling is the most important part of our process. It’s about working with what you have, adapting your methods to what already exists. Within that framework, accidents happen. Beautiful accidents. Normal things get out of control and it’s great.

L: What are your next projects ?

VP: There are so many. I’ll likely still be using resin and glass but in a more… in a freer form. I will also do light sculptures, using more chaotic, free shapes and forms. And there’ll be marble, glass, carpets, ceramics…

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L: What do you think of the Berlin/Madrid/London/Paris/L.A. Design scenes?

VP: I’m very excited about what Martine & Armand Hadida are doing in L.A. I think their perception is very different. It’s so interesting! The same pieces look so different in different places… Over there, everything will be sunny and bright. Happy pieces soaked up with light.

L: And what of your presence at PAD London this year?

VP: Von Pelt was born just 3 years ago, and it’s our first big international exposure. It’s really great. There are a lot of quality people here.