DESIGN & DECOR Dripping in Gold

It all began with baroque, where gold adorned frames, handles, and every small object you could lay eye upon. Then came Art Deco, where gold took simpler, more graphic lines. Gold is known for bringing warmth to an interior, once synonymous of ostentation, it has now become the perfect touch to modernize an interior. From graphic to organic, from figurative to abstract, gold has many faces. Leclaireur selected its favorite golden pieces for you.


If you live your life like a Tetris, we put together the most refined one there is. 

From Pierre Bonnefille’s furoshikis, inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding paper, to the Campana Brothers’ mirror for GHIDINI1961, and its intricate lines. And even Fornasetti playing with graphic checkerboard on Lina Cavalieri’s figure, or GHIDINI1961’s Leafs table with its play on levels and textures.


Sometimes gold isn’t casted and rigid, just like drop of sunshines fallen from the sky it takes new shapes. Inspiring artists to capture them into pieces reminding nature’s wonders, and inventing new ones. 

From Pierre Bonnefille’s Bronze Painting, as instinctive as they are beautiful, to the depth of an Atelier Von Pelt lamp. Gold enhance what is, the rawness of Philippe Hiquily’s plateau, or, conjure new worlds, where golden creature shed light onto us, just like Aristide Najean’s unicorn

They say the future is gold, we say tomorrow starts today: discover our whole golden selection.