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DALO A Face in the Clay

At Leclaireur, Design has a thousand faces: from Lina Cavalieri's mug on every – almost – every Fornasetti piece, to Hugh Findletar’s Flower Heads, to Dalo’s ceramics.

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Founded in 2007 by Daniel Derock and Loïc de Bailliencourt, Dalo explores the combination of various inspirations drawn from 20th-century design, and more specifically post-war Art Deco, to create a graphic, smooth and recognizable aesthetic. Their use of lines, engraved or in relief, as well as dots, cut-outs, and sometimes enamel, allows them to give birth to expressive, primitive and highly poetic faces. 

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The French duo engages in a variety of topics that range from nature and ecology to humanism, solidarity and hope. Versatile craftsmen, they embrace a multitude of techniques: turning, molding, or 'colombinage’ – the assembling of clay tubes to create a shape. 

Dalo ceramics can be seen, stared and observed, eye-to-eye mode, at Leclaireur Hérold.