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COTTWEILER Right on Track!

On your mark… Get set… Go!

Are you ready for a physical 2017 Fall/Winter? Cottweiler thinks as much, storming right off the tracks and into your life. This brand will beat every record to electrify the paths of your choice, from the one leading into the woods, to others that will have you going 140 heartbeats a minute.

Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty met while studying fashion at Bristol’s University of West England. Rumor has it, they even deserted a Parisian school trip to revel in techno beats and EBM tunes, living up to their full-blown electronic fantasies.

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After graduating, the two Londoners chose to hit the road and mature. Parting ways, Ben went to Savile Row, for a dive into the historical heart of made-to-mesure suits, while Matthew fell under the direction of Kim Jones. The two complementary and creatively unbound fellows went on to unite their friendship under a single flag: Cottweiler is a resourceful brand which has found its own path, much like its creators. Their minimalistic taste and knack for textures and subcultures – from the streets to the dancefloor – translate into an activewear infused wardrobe, and led them to win the Woolmark Prize 2016/17.

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More than ever, activewear is the belle of the Fall/Winter 2017 ball. Cottweiler has collaborated with Reebok to bring back tracksuits on the brand’s catwalks. They’ve added pockets that hang along the legs or attached to the waist, the chest – covering the heart, ready to hold your phone for a night or your bottle for a hike. Each silhouette has been stripped to its core, far from your usual overbearing sportswear logo-obsessed brands. Here, careful eyes and skilled hands have made a point of stitching beauty in the details, fastening straps around the arms, on the chest, structuring and enhancing the looks’ urban vibe; sweaters and quilted jackets shake things up, somewhere between your gym session and your night on the town; satin or nylon windbreakers open on a bare chest, in a new take on loose shirts. Effortless, yet always well tended.

From the dance floor to the treadmill or the great outdoors, amp your BPMs at Leclaireur Sevigné.