COLLECTIVE DESIGN FAIR In Lady Liberty’s Living Room

From May 3 to 7, Leclaireur will touch down in New York during Collective Art Fair (and by the way, Happy 15th Birthday, Collective!) to present a rare selection of pieces.

Martine & Armand Hadida have chosen pieces by Pierre Bonnefille, amongst them a bench from his Metamorphosis collection as well as one of his Meditation Rooms – a timeless meditative space, infused with a divine glow.

Leclaireur also picked works by Philippe Hiquily, Ado Chale and Sophie Dries, willing to support creation in its every shapes.



Collective Pierre Bonnefille 01

Maître d’Art Pierre Bonnefille paints with the colors the wind brings his way. Inspired by travels and nature, he creates striking tones, shaping them into vibrant mineral skins. From Paris to New York to Shanghai, his name has been hailed and his talent, summoned, by Cartier and Christie’s, amongst others.


Philippe Hiquily 01 Philippe Hiquily 02

Before his passing in 2013, the French artist worked with copper and bronze, exploring movement and balance. Philippe Hiquily crossed paths with prominent American artists, including Leo Castelli, Jasper Jones and James Rosenquist, and established lasting relationships with Man Ray, Max Ernst and George Bataille. His pieces are already part of the most revered institutional collections, including those of MoMA, New York Guggenheim, Washington Smithsonian Institute, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and Paris Centre George Pompidou.


Ado Chale 01

Self-taught artist Ado Chale discovered mineralogy during a trip in Germany in the 50s. Since then, he’s been designing resin furniture incrusted with semi-precious stones – agate, lapis lazuli, or turquoise – and resplendent bronze tables. Today, he’s considered one of Belgium’s most valued artists.


Sophie Dries 01

Sophie Dries crafts primitive ceramics with refined lines, and metallic vases that toy with contrasts, textures and techniques. She’s also launched a limited edition furniture line, unveiled during the Salon Del Mobile 2016 in Milan, which Leclaireur invited her to present for PAD London.

After PAD Paris, and London, and in the trail of La Residence’s opening in Los Angeles (a space mostly dedicated to… design), Leclaireur makes its presence clear in both the United States and the design world.

Video by: Laurent Rochette
Music by: Jean-Charles Bastion