Let’s start with the syllables: Cher-ev-ich-kiot-vich-ki. The label’s name translates from the Slavic as “a shoe by Victoria” and it’s this very pure, meaningful simplicity that is communicated with clarity throughout all her designs. If you slow down and focus, you can make it pronounceable but then again, why would you? It’s much more fun to keep the emphasis, the spotlight, on Cherevichkiotvichki’s creations. An intention perhaps, from this very playful, poignant and imagination-fueled designer.

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Her shoes, designed in her London studio and handcrafted in Italy, stand out among few representations in luxury today of the durable and still beautiful stacked leather heel. The footwear’s stable stance is surpassed only by their elegant forms, with playful details and unique, neutral tints. Cherevichkiotvichki clothing is just as beguiling, with storytelling pieces that emerge from deep textile research and a signature palette of organic, dreamy hues of maroon, antique gold, vibrant blues and vibration-raising whites. A true maker at the right moment in fashion, Adrejeva and her label reminds us how essential play is to discovery, and that designs from such delight can add just the right dose of statement-levity to our wardrobes.

Cherevichkiotvichki article header

Victoria Adrejeva was born in Lithuania. She grew up surrounded by the remains of Soviet culture and the uprising of Baltic heritage. Utilitarian attire worn by the factory workers in her family during this shifting era provided a well of resources for her very fertile mind. Cut to adulthood in Europe, where the self-taught shoe-maker, designer and installation artist has amassed an enviable list of international fan and co-creators in the five years since she launched her own label — Toogood and Comme des Garçons among the collaborators. She has mounted notable installations at Dover Street Market in London and Mona Moore in Los Angeles, to name a couple.

Cherevichkiotvichki shoes for both men and women are available at Leclaireur Sévigné, and looking forward to stepping it up with you.