Why wait for your next trip to Italy, or the delivery man, to enjoy the best possible pizza?

Chadwick Oven is the future of cooking. Its round shape intrigues just as its properties will amaze you. In a couple of minutes, it bakes a pizza, or one of its delicious variations, if you will - focaccia, naan - as would a wood-fire oven ! The Oven is made of stainless steel in Great-Britain and has received the prestigious D&D Product Design Award. 


Designer Daniel Chadwick started thinking about this wonderful object for one of his pizza-crazy friends. He was helped by the engineer Guy Adams, and together they conceived a unique eco-friendly process. The base is made of porous stone which allows the heat to flow evenly. It dramatically spares energy, and your time !


Rather than cooking a traditional Christmas meal, cook to impress with a perfectly cooked home-made pizza. Spread cream and fresh mozzarella on a light dough of your making, and choose your favorite combination of seasonal ingredients. Truffle, Parmesan cheese and arugula will complete your masterpiece.


Become the best pizza chef in town, get a Chadwick Oven for yourself (or gift it if in an altruistic mood) at Leclaireur Boissy.