BORIS BIDJAN SABERI Primitive worlds

One season after the other, Boris Bidjan Saberi has shaped a post-apocalyptic world populated with urban explorers in elongated silhouettes. The Spring-Summer 2018 Arcanism collection builds bridges between eras, between a world anchored in the past and another one yet to come, borrowing colors and reliefs from nature itself, like an invitation to get back to what really matters. 


« I call myself a primitive designer » he said during the interview he gave us last year. Primitive, like the patina he uses on leather jackets and pants, obtained over time and worn out by the natural elements, or so it seems. Primitive again, like the colors of distinctive landscapes: a virgin forest green, a sandy yellow, the ocher of an arid land. Each garment is enriched with folds and reliefs, like steep and wild landscapes.


Accessories set the tone: from blacksmith gloves to metallurgist aprons, to waistcoats with straps and extra-large pockets – stuffed with flax and sunflower seeds if you like them – every silhouette implies a direct relationship with the earth. « I would love for people to close their eyes and start feeling again » said the German designer. Feeling the fabrics, the knitted sweaters with small or XXL stitches, directly on your skin.

boris-bidjan-saberi-article-ss18-04 boris-bidjan-saberi-article-ss18-05

Or, feeling the warmth of Boris Bidjan Saberi's fragrance, encased in the darkest black bottle you’ll ever find, or even the horse leather infused candle he created with French brand Mad&Len, protected by a lava stone jar. 


Step into Boris Bidjan Saberi's primitive worlds at Leclaireur Hérold.