BITOSSI CERAMICHE Crafting the future

Modern yet traditional, Bitossi’s distinctive designs hit a special spot in contemporary homes and hearts.


Whether functional or purely decorative, Bitossi’s singular homeware is bound to play an important role in everyday narratives, furnishing and triggering memories that reflect collective history. Vases and carafes come in a variety of forms, distinguished by different schemes of colored glazes in geometric patterns. Their signature orange and “Rimini Blue” are recurrent on an earthy brown background. Their hand-shaped birds, full of character, and their so personable lion create a whimsical menagerie, stepping from figurative, to abstract sculptures meant to be contemplated and discussed as conversation pieces.

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The Bitossi family founded their house over a century ago in Montelupo Fiorentino in Tuscany, where the delicate art of turning clay  has been mastered since the 16th century. The house style has evolved since, notably through long-term collaborations with prominent figures of  modernism: Aldo Londi joined them in the 1930s, Ettore Sottsass came aboard in the 1950s. In later decades, Bitossi would welcome new generations of designers, keeping the traditional craft oriented firmly on the future. 


Consider changing your take on life, with Bitossi's artful ceramics, with a visit at Leclaireur Los Angeles and Boissy d’Anglas.