Alison Berger captures the magic of light through minimalist artworks made of glass, transcending both time and function. Her Glassworks creations merge light’s physical qualities with the shapes and optical properties of crystal, interacting with one another through a line of lights, chandeliers, sculptures, infused with an evocative lyrical power.


With their aerial transparency and lightness, their flowing and subtle lines, Alison Berger’s Glassworks evoke the passage of time. The American designer mixes the old with the new, blowing glass the artisanal way to produce pieces of art inspired by nature. More than lighting devices, her work offers a moment of peace and meditation.

The light plays upon the Moon Pendant’s surface, changing our perception of the object. When viewed from the front, the two lunar hemispheres seem to be forming a full moon, turning into a sliver when seen from the side. The Dusk Sconces represent Alison Berger’s quest to capture the golden hour, an ephemeral moment of the day, when light is warm and looks like both amber and honey.

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Her childhood memories are at the roots of her Glassworks, that of catching fireflies inside a jar and let the magic of nature operate, creating a lantern from nothing. Lying in the grass at night and looking at the stars, borrowing from the sky the shape of its constellations and galaxies to produce candlesticks and other light sources. She captures ephemeral nature, « compresses it » before « releasing it into the darkness ». 

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Alison Berger has blown glass since she was 15. She studied architecture and worked alongside Franck O. Gehry on several architectural projects. She also created an art installation for the Comme des Garçons showroom in Tokyo before discovering the magic of glass. Today, she works in her own glass workshop, starting with sketches and several handmade prototypes before crafting the final object. 


Alison Berger’s Moon Pendant and Dusk Sconces are available at Leclaireur Herold