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AÏZEA Warm Heart, Cool Blood

Aizea: « the wind », in Basque language. The one that welcomes you or, maybe, the one that sends you off, thrusting you towards unexplored lands. AÏZEA focuses on creating luggages, handbags, purses, and even snake leather slip-ons for urban explorers eager to keep a cool-headed elegance wherever they are.

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The AÏZEA maison produces a complete range of luggage, made in Euskadi, from precious leathers – python, American alligator and even ostrich – whose origins are carefully controlled and CITES certified. The python leather is of such quality, whether you own the brief-case or slip into, well, slip-ons, that it’s undeniable, and palpable. Attention to detail is key at AÏZEA: the scale patterns, the color tones, and even the gun metal grey of the zipper – nothing is left to chance. The brand also produces a bull-calf line, whose skin is produced in one of the best Basque Country tannery, underlining the great interest the brand cultivates for local know-how.

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In addition to their unique craftsmanship, tradition and innovation complete the label’s foundations, qualities upon which AÏZEA capitalizes to create beautiful – and above all – useful items. Produced in France, Spain or Portugal, every collection is imagined and developed between Paris and Biarritz by Joakin Echevarria, founder of the brand first introduced during Pitti Uomo Fall-Winter 16, and Tranoï SS17.

AÏZEA? An ideal stop before deservedly taking a break to bask in the sun. Available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas, Leclaireur Sévigné and Leclaireur Champs-Elysées.