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AGANOVICH Rock Me Amadeus

The sharp lines of Aganovich go dual in black and white for Fall/Winter 2016.

When they first met in 2006, Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor decided to join their creative forces, giving birth to a common artistic vision that travels way beyond the fundamental concerns of technique.

Together, they unfolded the powers of an angular, clear cut line, changing the world, step by step with their “dandy activism”. From one season to another, they’ve anchored their designs in a world of their own, freed from reality’s closeted frame.

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On the catwalk, shirt collars multiply frantically in ruffles and bows, scaling the models’ neck like exhilarated ascot ties. The coat sleeves widen to best convey every move. In new bodily volumes, hips disappear under layers and layers of puffed fabric. Imbedded in the real world, neo-black&white-converses, stripped to their purest, come in, as efficient as can be.

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In an exhilarating and creative storm, the British duo invites 18th and 19th centuries to take their own spin into the 21st, mixing genders and eras. Bye bye, Kansas.

Dark coats, festooned with equally dark brocades, nod to a gothic and creative bourgeoisie. The models surface from the gloom in velvet dresses, born from that very darkness, wandering the runway. Their shoulders, dressed in frenzied strips, are strokes on a master’s canvas.

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