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AETHER Molecular Pleasure

Universal and mythical, invisible and absolute, ether has ignited passions for centuries, inspiring philosophers and physicians alike to fierce debate over its charms. With the creation of Aether Perfumes, Nicolas Chabot has — subtly — ended the discord, initiating a veritable olfactory revolution that is as artificial as it is perfect.

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Niche perfumes lay claim to precious materials, the concentration of rare ingredients and organic processes. Director of the historic Maison de Parfumerie Le Galion, Chabot has shaken the very foundations of traditional fragrance development by exploring the outer dimensions of molecular perfume. Noses Amélie Bourgeois and Anso Benhagel have joined Chabot and brought together essences of metal, floral, sand, neoprene, musc, wood and petrol. Agitating the senses to an extraordinary degree, the trio has imagined concoctions the likes of which Mother Nature would surely not recognise. Ethereal, visceral and spiritual all at once, these mysterious and unique scents seem to reach us from a parallel dimension.

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Chabot’s Aether Perfumes offer the world the very first molecular scents of tomorrow — surprising, hypnotic, contemporary and intoxicating. Like a chemical chain reaction borne out of molecular shocks and renegade spirits, Aether Perfumes’ magical, retro-futuristic formulas scintillate the imagination and penetrate the natural rhythm of our hearts with an extra beat.

Discover each of the five Aether fragrances, exclusively at Leclaireur Sévigné starting in April.