19-69 Freedom in a bottle

19-69 opens the way to an infinite Italian Summer with scents like memories from a time still fueling a collective unconscious.

The brand’s name, 19-69 is a nod to that pivotal year, high point of the hippy and rock counter-cultures. It only takes five genderless perfumes to grab a hold of this new fragrance maker: Purple Haze, Capri, Chinese Tobacco, Kasbah, Rainbow Bar… Evocative names linked to perfumes just as redolent, linked to emotions tied to the era and specific memories brought back for his travels by the brand's founder Johan Bergelin.

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Born in, well, 1969, Johan Bergelin chose to base his universe on the freedom and benevolence values that came with the year, and that would later on guide his path. The versatile creative left his natal Sweden at age 16 to settle in the UK where he started working as a fashion photographer, advisor and product developper. After splitting his life between London, Paris and Key West, he went back to his home country. For this new project, he surrounded himself with Silas Adler, creative director of sportswear brand Soulland, and Johan Bäcke, co-founder of luxury cosmetic brand Byredo.


Purple Haze makes head spin. From Italian bergamot to patchouli and cannabis, every touch makes it the perfect symbol of the hippy movement. To Bergelin, it evokes Key West « one of the most perfumed place I know ».


Capri is composed of agrume notes boucing against pink pepper and Sichuan ones, the perfect way to embody the Italian island’s richness and pace of life.


Another flight, another iconic destination, Kasbah brings us directly to Marrakech where joyous perfumes fill the air.


Chinese Tobacco conjures oriental fantaisies, where smokes of incense and tobacco meet audaciously.


With notes of bergamot, basil, vetiver and even bourbon, Rainbow Bar embodies that freedom feeling of driving alongside the sunny American coast.


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