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07A When in Doubt, Go Square

Welcome to 07A’s abstract and monochromatic world, a world in black and midnight blue, where all that matters is contrast. Contrast between geometry and human body, contrast between surfaces and volumes. In 07A’s eyes, clothing is most and foremost an idea, shaped into squares, circles, triangles or rectangles. Once the two-dimensional shape takes hold of the body, it comes to life, reaching a new scale, a true testament to 07A’s philosophy and ambition.

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By pushing back boundaries, 07A turns its creations into flexible and living materials. Whether a dress, a top or a jumper, the shape reveals itself once the piece’s structure comes in contact with the body. New contours are drawn, lines are broken, contrasts are highlighted. The full shapes, dipped in vinyl black, give a statuesque feel to the silhouette. Once laid down and reduced to their original concept, the pieces display their surprising flat shapes.

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To make that feat of strength possible, the brand discards every profuse detail, from hems to seams, and uses intricate techniques such as laser cutting and ultrasonic welding to assemble each piece. Each item is produced separately from the other, to offer a final rendering straight out of a minimalist’s dream: conceptual clothes that are both refined and sophisticated.

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Bring new reliefs to your wardrobe with 07A’s third edition, at Leclaireur Herold.