Zuhair Murad Dresses of Moon and Sun

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad opened his first studio in Beyrouth in 1997. Four years later, his creations were already strutting the Parisian Haute Couture runway. His definite taste for cascading fabrics, delicate lace, and shiny sparkles have reached the far corners of the world, so much so the designer’s also launched a ready-to-wear line, featuring the same and very personal ingredients. Murad’s creations transform a woman into a feminine, sensuous - even bohemian - queen, and turn heads everywhere. 

The most stylish A-listers have fallen for his creations. As their red-carpet ally, Zuhair Murad has stirred up some rather radical fashion moments with the likes of Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Beyonce. 

Each and every season, the designer maintains the same codes, yet manages to completely reinvent the mood. Creating a versatile association of gowns, jumpsuits and cocktail dresses, toying with sheerness, showcasing lace as a pattern placed to the wonder, and never-ending rains of pearls, Murad is all about glorifying women’s bodies.  

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