Ziggy Chen A Shanghai tale

Ziggy Chen founded his brand in 2012. His style is infused with a refined spirit that merges the past and the present, the East and the West. 

Ziggy Chen has brought the vibrant Shanghai of the 20s back to life, and with it a time when China had just opened its largest harbor to western ships, welcoming them amidst a bumbling crowd dressed in blue, albeit not yet under Mao's influence. The Chinese designer took on a centenarian piece, and carried it somewhere between the short pants and the saroual, supple, giving it the perfect hint of roughness, crafted 21st-century way. 

Based in Shanghai, the young designer scouts the world tirelessly to import the most refined fibers and weaves them with wool, raw cotton, or linen. His shapes are both smooth and structured, allowing for ample movement.