Yohji Yamamoto Timeless black

The edgy and rigorous designer is known for his love of black silhouettes and asymmetrical cuts. 

Yohji Yamamoto launched his brand in 1971 in Tokyo, shortly before presenting his first Parisian show in the Musée du Louvre’s Cour Carrée. 

Steering from the 80s fashion trends, the designer made a strong impression with his radical, sober, yet poetic esthetics, questioning how bodies, space and clothing interact with each other - much like another leading figure of the innovative Japanese movement, Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons, and whom he was close to for some time. 

Questioning the definition of sensuality, broadening the common notion of beauty, Yamamoto dresses women in menswear, evoking the body rather than exhibiting it, and breaks down garment structure itself, before reinventing it. 

Head of the antifashion movement and a fashion history expert, he offers an approach as intellectual, as it is artisanal. Yamamoto has been transcending genders and eras, giving birth to a new classical wardrobe.

Made to last, detached from trends, these are the creations of nothing less than an "architect of time".