Werkstatt:Munchen German eminence

Klaus Lohmeyer is into chains, links, rings, locks, and leather straps. 

The Bavarian designer, a craft-master, trained as a stone carver,  founded Werkstatt:München in 1998. After studying philosophy, politics and music, he eventually turns towards handcrafted jewelry creation, out of passion for raw materials, like silver and “vegetal” leather – leather tanned with active plant ingredients. With the utmost understanding of his craft, he is now what is known as a "master craftsman", the highest possible rank for an artisan.

The Werkstatt/München pieces convey Lohmeyer’s demanding standards. Handcrafted in Germany, they express timelessness, symbolism and rationality.

Lohmeyer’s inspiration for the 2016 Fall/Winter collection gravitates once again towards the military and the mechanical. Thick chains, skulls, facetted or striated metal: each piece of jewelry comes with a past, a soul, filled with poetry too, with words, phrases engraved, attentions, intentions even. From jewelry to an accessory line, Werkstatt:München’sn horizons are expanding, now with winter hats, wallets, belts and sunglasses.