Undercover « We make noise, not clothes. »

"Charming but scary » is how Jun Takahashi describes his own creations. 

His surprising label Undercover was launched in 1990, and immediately struck with its contrasts and its edgy style. Takahashi graduated from the Bunka Academy, just like Kenzo Takada. In his collections, he toys with lengths and textures: his coats brush the floor, his pants unveil the calf, his silhouettes scream comfort, despite the sharpest of designs. 

While his Japanese culture and roots surely and strongly inspire Takahashi, he also finds his influences in the punk scene, the Sex Pistols and Vivenne Westwood, whom he claims as his first source of inspiration. 

Always, albeit never too spectacular, the Undercover shows found their place into the Parisian fashion week calendar in 2002, and in Leclaireur’s heart ever so quickly.